Why California remains the most popular retirement state.

Deciding where to retire:    Some things to consider.

When considering any retirement community, first  consider whether it's a non-profit, or a for-profit community.   If it's a, for-profit, make sure there are checks and balances to save yourself this kind of trouble, later on.

Ongoing alert
  On Reverse Mortgages:  Don't.  Don't even think about a reverse mortgage.

We spoke to legendary documentary film director James Scurlock, who offered, 
"I  had an interesting talk about these with a major banker a long time ago. He was terrified of them. He told me that once people understood what they actually did, they would revolt."

Scurlock directed the critical and commercial success, "Maxed Out - Hard Times and Easy Credit During an Era of Predatory Lending."  Google asked him to lecture their employees.
When Scurlock speaks, Wall Street winces.  Bankers cringe.  Reporters start scribbling on notepads.

Meanwhile, in a November, 2014 piece,  LA Times columnist David Lazarus nibbles at the surface of reverse mortgages, here.  Some reverse mortgage companies told homeowners, "Just have one of you sign," but if the husband signed, and then died, the wife was not protected and the mortgage company would go after the wife.
The good news? After a few years, the courts disagreed.  U.S. District Judge Ellen Huvelle in Washington found HUD policy was "not a plausible reading of the statute," so its position was therefore unreasonable.

                                                  Returning to the fun of retirement...

Reasons retirees choose California to retire:

1.  Golf courses

2.  Weather
3.  Proximity to ports for sea cruises
4.  World-class medical facilities, see county rankings by health.
5.  Did we mention golf?

Retirees take golf seriously.  More seriously than those still working - as retirees are serious about having fun. Which explains why so many retirement communities feature a golf course a stone's throw from home.   Consider one of California's best kept secrets, General Olds Golf Course, which has a great reputation and is roughly thirty seconds from - the old, Air Force Village West, (AFVW.)



Contact us for an explanation how +55 community can hurt retirees, long-term.

New to senior care:  How a 29 year old revolutionary changed in-home senior care!

Congratulations to Rona Barrett - a woman who cares about her community!  Rona built a retirement community for her community - but dedicated it to low-income, seniors.

Worst states to retire?  According to, Maine is dead last.

10. Wisconsin
  9. New York
  8. Washington
  7. Rhode Island
  6. Maryland
  5. Alaska
  4. Connecticut
  3. Massachusetts
  2. Michigan
  1. Maine
The best states listed to retire according to the authors of the survey, were highly subjective.  They mainly factored in opportunities to work, (thus negating "retirement") and climate.  In the area of climate, the states experience the most tornadoes are listed in red, with the most current listing at NOAA.   Areas experiencing 
floods are in green.  Areas with both, are listed in purple. Flooded states are at listed at NOAA.

10. Kansas
  9. Tennessee
  8. South Dakota
  7. Mississippi
  6. Virginia
  5. Louisiana
  4. Iowa
  3. Oklahoma
  2. Kentucky
  1. Texas