California Retired

California retired.  Think of the old Beach Boys song "I get Around" when you look closely at the electric cart. 

Note the walker in the back.

California retired means more than a "can do" attitude.  California retirees live life to the maximum with like minded individuals.

Most retirement homes are places to stay.

Air Force Village West, is a place to play.

Group retirements? 

Think block parties.

One retirement community had its roots in a group of world travelers who enjoyed working together.  They enjoyed each others company so much they decided to retire together and created a collective group retirement.  That's how AFVW came began.  Think of 225 acres and a housing plans which feature no less than 15 different home models.  Spacious homes up to 3,366 square feet, with expansive lawns and someone else taking care of the housework and lawn care.